Next Week: MIA Town Hall Events


The easiest way to find out what you need from the MIA is simply to ask you. So, that is what we are going to do.

We want your help in understanding the issues which matter most to you. These could be things that directly impact how you run your business today, or it could be wider debates that you feel are going to influence you or your business in the future.

The MIA can’t solve all of the problems that our teams, our companies or our organisations are facing. But as we begin to get a clearer understanding of your needs, we can help to bring the industry together around the issues and challenges we have in common.

To kick-start this process, we have organised three ‘town-hall’ style events. These will be transparent, open forums that will give you a chance to tell us about the things that matter to you, and how the MIA should help you in the future.

We have scheduled three sessions initially and these will be open to Members and Non-Members alike. The date/times are as follows:

  • Tuesday, 15th December at 4pm
  • Wednesday, 16th December at 8pm
  • Thursday, 17th December at 10am.

Please contact Alice to let us know which session you’d like to attend, and she’ll share the necessary Zoom link.

We look forward to welcoming you.