Percussion Plus reinvents the djembe


What if you could give your students a head start from the very beginning? The new Slap Djembes from Percussion Plus have ‘how to play’ directions screen-printed on to the drum heads. This supports the teacher and the student and allows all-comers to engage with the instruments from first sight…

From booming, loud bass tones to whip-crack highs and everything inbetween, Slap Djembes have been recognised across the education sector as offering landmark new possibilities for group teaching and solo study.

Each synthetic shell drum has a beautiful heat-sealed cotton cloth exterior. The bright, West African-inspired designs mean that they are a pleasure to work with, and the robust build with rubber no-scuff base gives them the durability needed to last for a lifetime.

Slap Djembes are available in rope-tuned or pre-tuned models, with prices starting from just £20 RRP. The rope-tuned range has 8”, 10” and 12” options, and the pre-tuned range comes in 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” models. Multi-player packs are also available in either range.

These sturdy, engaging and beautiful sounding drums will help to get your students engaged and making beautiful music together.

“The Slap Djembe is an innovation from leading music educational instrument manufacturer Percussion Plus. The first thing I noticed about the drums is how incredibly light they are. This makes them ideal for use in educational settings that involve young children or older children who may find holding the instrument difficult.

The real benefit of these instruments is that the drumhead has been printed with graphics of the hand positions to show exactly where“ to play the drum to achieve the correct sounds. The construction is solid, and although the drums are a budget range of djembes, they have good tone, are good to look at, and are fun to play.”

Andy Gleadhill, Professional Percussionist and Music Education Consultant.

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