Believe in Music Week Education and Training


Believe in Music Week is an opportunity to access world class free education, and its as a forum for discussion and development. Here are some of the fantastic education and training events available today.

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Here are just some of today’s highlights:

5pm – 6:05pm: The 7 Business Skills Every Music Teacher Needs to Create and Grow a Thriving Music Programme

Traditionally, music classrooms have been a place where instructors impart and test on important information pertaining to a subject matter. However, the mere acquisition of information does not adequately prepare students for success as persons or musicians outside of the educational institution. Incorporating person-centered approaches and teaching principles in educational settings can greatly improve student learning. In this presentation, Professor Kristen Bromley explains how to foster a person-centered learning environment in classrooms/ensembles.

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6pm-6:15pm: Opportunity in Crisis

Join sonic storyteller Sean Giovanni as he explores solutions for discovering opportunity in times of crisis. Giovanni will share lessons from the journey of starting his career in a jobless market to running a thriving recording studio, and how those experiences prepared him to find a path to increase revenue through the pandemic. Discover techniques that you can implement in your career to find prosperity when unexpected challenges come your way.

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6pm-6:20pm: Music Retail: The Game Has Changed—It’s Better (Featuring The Retail Doctor)

No one has a finger on the pulse of retail like Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor. And no one knows what must be done to adapt to new COVID-era realities like Phibbs, an internationally recognized business strategist, customer service and marketing expert, and the previous host of NAMM’s Retail Innovation Summit and NAMM U Breakfast Sessions. In this special session for Believe in Music, Phibbs will share his outlook on the state of retail and, more importantly, how to succeed in the new “next.” Expect insights, ideas and inspiration to navigate the post-pandemic world. Note: This will be as much about mindset as it is strategy.

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6:30 PM – 7:00 PM: Understanding the Black Experience and Becoming an Ally (Followed by Live Q&A) – hosted by Roland

Many business leaders would like to be an ally of the black community, their employees and clients, but don’t know where to start. Lekan Olawoye, founder of the Black Professionals in Tech Network, will help you lean into this important conversation, providing historical context and insights into the black experience—and giving practical tools on how to become an intentional ally. You’ll find out how to hire and retain more black professionals and build an organization so that it’s seen as an ally.

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7 PM – 7:30 PM: Global Touring in the New Reality

When live events re-emerge on a large scale, the world will be a different place from when they paused in March 2020. Between the pandemic, political unrest and social issues, this will be a time for change. This session will bring together top minds from multiple angles to examine the obstacles and opportunities for growth to elevate the entertainment industry.

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7:15 PM – 7:35 PM: Social Media in 2021: 5 Ways Your Strategy Must Evolve – hosted by Reverb

You know that social media is a critical tool for not only driving sales but also for engaging with your customers and community. But in the past year, the world has changed: People are spending more time than ever online, platforms are evolving and tactics that have worked in the past aren’t having the same impact. In this session, Reverb’s Mallory Nees—who leads strategy for Reverb’s social media channels, with more than 2.1 million combined followers—will help you rethink your social media strategy for 2021. You’ll walk away with actionable tips to help you connect online with the audiences that matter to you most.

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7:45 PM – 8:00 PM: How to Systematically Improve Your Customer Experience

Two years ago, Amro Music sought to revolutionize its customer experience for the next decade. Since then, customers have taken notice—even the company’s positive online reviews have increased by 21 percent. In this session, Amro Music President CJ Averwater will share the actionable steps the company took to achieve this. Discover how to bolster your customer experience with deeper employee engagement and core values that stick.

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There are plenty more sessions to choose from, and you can see the full Education and Training schedule here