MIA Webinar Tomorrow: Believe in Music Week – why should you attend?


Believe in Music Week is a vibrant and innovative digital event that will deliver the kind of unique experience that you associate with The NAMM Show.

We have partnered up with NAMM to bring you a webinar that will take you through the unique experience of Believe in Music Week and how you can attend.

Now that Believe in Music Week is almost upon us, at this webinar, we will be able to show you an exclusive demonstration from the live platform!

We invite you to join Causby Challacombe (NAMM’s Membership Director),  Andre Brousseau (NAMM’s Membership Support Specialist) and Mark Newcombe (NAMM’s Membership Sales Specialist) on Wednesday 13th January at 4pm. 

Register here

If you have ever visited the show, you will be aware of both the scale and breadth of the content on offer. As a showcase for the newest and most exciting product on offer, a place for introductions and networking, a place to get world class free education, or as a forum for discussion and development – it really is an event like no other.

Believe in Music Week is all about gathering a global audience to engage with some of the best content from The NAMM Show. This is a perfect chance for anyone who has never had the opportunity to get the NAMM experience first hand to get involved.  So come along to our Webinar to find out more! 

Believe in Music will be held over the week of 18th January, 2021.

Register for Free: https://attend.believeinmusic.tv/

NAMM Member Access: https://www.namm.org/attendbelieve

Get Involved: https://www.namm.org/support/believe-in-music-week