MusicIncite Donates 1,000 emuso/Studio Licenses to Music for All


MIA Member MusicIncite are proud to announce that they have donated 1,000 software licenses to music charity, Music for All.

Emuso/Studio is the ultimate help system for musicians for Windows 10 and MacOS. After 7 years in development and 2 years in Beta Trial in the UK and US, emuso/Studio opened its doors this August.

It provides the user the ability to learn, practice, and explore music in the areas of melody, harmony, and rhythm, and develop aural recognition, improvisation skills, technique and musical vocabulary. It shifts the paradigm from traditional music education to natural learning based on music psychology findings.

With its multi-purpose design and toolkit, instrumentalists can see and hear music on guitars, keyboards and other string instruments and explore through trial and error, as well as receive guidance and self-correcting tests from interactive media. Giving everyone an equal opportunity to join the global conversation that is music.

Music for All said:“We are very happy to have MusicIncite as a partner to Music for All.  Their generous gift supports our vision of everyone having the opportunity to learn to play music. Not enough aspiring music makersare fortunate enough to have access to musical instruments and education. With MusicIncite’s licences, we will continue to support disadvantaged music makers.”    

Jerry Kramskoy, Founder and Inventor of emuso/Studio, had this to say: “Partnering with Music for All was the next logical step once we launched emuso/Studio.  We share a common vision, and goals of helping those who want to learn, improve or explore music. We hope to do more as we grow and expand into other countries.”

The licenses provided to Music for All will be distributed through their regular awards programme.

If would like to try emuso/Studio please visit the website at, for a 14-Day FREE Trial.

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