Are We There Yet?


‘Are We There Yet?’ or AWTY (  is a new music website that has an emphasis on the role women play in the music world. The question ‘Are we there yet?’ not only reflects the need for diversity but also the long journey that many women have made to achieve success, a parody of every child’s cry when setting off on a car trip of any length.

AWTY delivers topical articles including; the background to festivals and events, music business, trends within music technology and interviews with new talent as well as reflecting what music means to its artists, distributors and consumers.

As Carla Kerslake, the sites creator, explains:

“The motivation behind the website started from my dissertation topic. When I was studying music business at the University of Gloucestershire, I wanted to look in particular at the role women play, not as artists, but as backroom staff, engineers, sound tech’s etc. This academic study was motivated by an influential report by Vick Bain, ‘Counting the Music Industry: The Gender Gap’.  I used her report to set the parameters for a series of fascinating interviews with women working in the industry, exploring how they had overcome prejudice and what I felt needed to happen to deliver change in the future.

Therefore, it was logical that when I finished my degree, and finding myself in a Covid world where employment opportunities were few and far between to want to continue the work through the website and social media development.

I am keen to take the site forward both through interviews and through focussing on how the music business might develop over the coming years, both in response to the pandemic and also in terms of technology. Some of my recent articles have focussed on streaming, virtual reality and the role of social media.

Apart from gaining employment (do contact me), I’m keen to meet with and talk to any music companies about their examples of interesting and innovative work that encourage women across the music business sector. If your organisation has examples of where you have done this I would love to write a feature on your work. You can get in touch with me initially via email at”

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