The story behind Maton’s 75th Anniversary model


Maton Guitars, distributed in the UK and ROI by DCM Musical Distribution LTD, are celebrating 75 five years of continuous guitar production in Melbourne, Australia.

Maton Guitars have decided to produce a guitar that showcased the best design and construction we could bring to a guitar, as well as to celebrate the tonewoods we love and cherish.

We’ve produced a number of excellent celebratory guitars recently, particularly the 70th anniversary models and the Vera May centenary model, so we wanted this one to really stand out (by the way Vera just celebrated her 101st birthday and is still going strong…).

We are also entering into a new and exciting era in Maton’s history as another group of Maton luthiers enter their second decade of guitar making. These talented young craftspeople are adding to the work of our older, more experienced hands to consistently create instruments that are the best Maton has ever produced, and the world is taking note!

In recent years we have explored new shapes, materials and specifications through research and development in conjunction with the Maton Custom Shop and the passion and drive of Custom Shop luthier, Andy Allen. Many of our recent production models have benefitted from that work. We wanted this 75th Anniversary model to showcase all of this work.

The Maton 75TH Diamond Edition will be shipping in March 2021

So, what should this guitar look like? It should:

  • Be the best guitar we can build
  • Celebrate the best of our Australian tonewoods
  • Build on the excellence our recent celebratory guitars
  • Show off the work of our “coming of age” luthiers and point to the future of guitar making at Maton
  • Reflect the advancements and knowledge gained through work in R&D and Custom Shop
  • Look stunning
  • Play perfectly
  • Have its own superb voice
  • Represent the culmination of 75 years of fine guitar manufacturing

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