This weekend: NOT The Guitar Show


Here’s an announcement from Jason Hunt, Owner of The Guitar Show about an exciting event happening this weekend.

As I sit and write this it would appear that we now have the route towards going back to normal, I truly hope so. I miss my friends and family, I miss gigs and beers, I miss playing guitar with others, I miss the joy of plugging in to an amp that isn’t at friendly home volumes.

There is no Guitar Show this year, but this gives me the chance to do NOT The Guitar Show instead. I’ve sat through endless online events in the last year and none of them are like going to an actual show, they lack the vibe, the noise, the excitement and most of all, the curry for lunch.

But I’m not going to let the last weekend of February pass without doing something positive, I emailed all of the 2020 exhibitors and said send me something and I’ll post it up on Facebook. Within hours I had so much content that my inbox was insane, I had to move everything in to dropbox to free up my desktop. There will be over 100 posts across the two days.

The plan is to post manufacturers content up, Fair Deal Music have tied up with several of them to offer show specials, Marshall have provided a fridge full of beer (to give away) and 5 rucksacks that I’ll put a t shirt in. Focusrite have several competitions and prizes. Blackstar will be going live and to finish it all off, my 9-42 podcast will be going live too.

There will be a number of guests throughout the evening, guitarists Aynsley Lister and Mikey Demus, Author, Simon Bradley, pedal maker Adrian Thorpe, 2 listeners (Iain Sloan and Craig “in Canada” Lawton) and to finish the evening, Orange Endorsee Laura Cox.

To kick it off on Friday evening there is a podcast with Misha Mansoor, who was very funny.

Then NOT The Guitar Show starts at 10.00 on Saturday, just like the real thing.

I hope you will pop by –

See you at NOT The Guitar Show 2021

Stay Safe everyone.