Cavendish Pianos featured on ITV News!


Cavendish Pianos is a brand of pianos made by the team at MIA Member Yorkshire Pianos; they are the only company producing pianos still wholly built in the United Kingdom. The brand has been featured on ITV News at 10 with a story about keeping alive the endangered art of piano making, and the importance of traditional British craftsmanship…

“I’m sorry we do not have such a thing as an English Piano”.

These are the words Adam and Charlie Cox, a husband and wife team running Yorkshire Pianos, found themselves saying to many of their customers looking for a new piano.

“People grew up with British pianos at school and at home and we find that when people come to buy their own piano they are often looking for that mellow sound that they grew up with”, says Charlie.

When the Kemble factory closed in Milton Keynes a few years ago, it sounded the death knell for British pianos making. It was the last remaining factory and when the gates closed for the final time skilled workers, some of whom had been involved in the piano industry all their lives, found themselves with nowhere to turn.

“We felt we had no choice but to either lose British Piano manufacturing forever, or try to resurrect the art of making pianos in Britain” says Adam.

The Cavendish Team with Jamie Cullum

You can read more about the story of Cavendish Pianos on their website here:

Here is the segment which aired on ITV News at 10. It features British musician Jamie Cullum. Congratulations to the team at Cavendish for this fantastic feature!