Keele University retains Music Technology provision

All levels of music education are crucial to the music industry, providing access to personal and professional development across a variety of musical disciplines.  Education provides the musicians of the future who will in turn be customers of retailers and manufacturers.  It also provides potential candidates for the full range of industry jobs including store colleagues and demonstrators, managers, directors, instrument makers and repairers, sound engineers and future educators.

In this spirit we are pleased to share the exciting news that the music department at Keele University has been saved following uncertainty about its long-term future.

A passionate campaign by past and present students and staff has prompted the University to take the forward-thinking decision to modify its music offering instead of phasing it out. The shift in thinking will capitalise on the University’s long-standing reputation and facilities for music technology courses.

Professor Tim Lustig, Dean of Education for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences told the MIA:

“I can confirm that, following a meeting of University Senate on 17th March, it has been agreed to retain our provision in Music Technology for academic year 2021/22 and to introduce for academic year 2022/23 a more contemporary and work-attuned programme.”

Decisions of this kind are great news for us all, offering routes for talented new entrants to make valuable contributions to the music ecosystem in which we all operate.  The emphasis on developing a more ‘work-attuned programme’ has exciting potential for the music industry.

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