Matt Ash joins the MIA team!

The MIA are pleased to introduce a new member of the team, Matt Ash. Matt’s experience includes music teaching, retail, distribution and performance.

Matt will primarily focus on music education and the more traditional musical instruments. In this article, you can get to know a bit about Matt. You can expect to hear much more from him going forward! 

I am delighted to be joining the MIA team as it evolves to best support the shifting landscape of the music industry.  My career background includes music education, retail, distribution and performance, and it’s exciting to be able to utilise my experience in all these areas.

Music is in my blood as pianist, singer, clarinettist and educator. My Grandfather played Tenor and Euphonium in brass bands, sang in Matlock Choral Society and was an avid listener. Dad inherited his Dad’s broad musical tastes, and my Mum grew up playing viola in the Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra as well as having a beautiful voice. Hearing and accompanying her singing has been central to my own musical development, and these family influences have inspired my love for a wide range of music including folk, classical, jazz, rock, opera, music theatre and electronica.

My experiences of music have made me passionate about promoting its many benefits and for ensuring it remains accessible to everyone without discrimination. I have seen first-hand the transformative power music has, and it is a privilege to work with a great team in an organisation with all these values at its heart. Some of you I’ve worked with before, some of you I haven’t yet met, but I’m looking forward to working with and in support of you all.

If you would like to contact Matt, you can do so using

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