Music Education – Why should you care?

This week, the focus of the MIA newsletter is music education – something which is close to our hearts and the lifeblood of the music industry.  It’s a pleasure to begin the week with a foreword from Chair of the MIA Board, Steven Greenall, with a strong reminder of why music education matters to us all.

We all need to care about music education – and I don’t just mean educating children, I mean educating everyone – beginners through to professionals and all the steps in between. Developing effective strategies to retain learners; ensuring a quality music education experience; insisting upon accessible and inclusive opportunities for everyone to learn music; supporting pathways for young adults into our industry; and professional development for MI staff are all vitally important for the future success of the music industry.

The MIA has had to re-think our approach as a trade body so that we can find our own unique voice in this hugely important debate. That is why one of the three topics we discussed with Paul Scully MP, the Business Minister, was music education and how vital it is that Government continues to support its funding at all levels.

One of the best kept secrets is the vast amount of music education that is (normally) happening in retail stores across the UK – tens of thousands of learners accessing their music education thanks to their local retailer. You will see over the coming weeks and months how the MIA, supported by some of the UK’s leading education partners, will be providing support and training to the industry so we can help music education and music education can help us.

So whether music education is happening in stores, in schools, in homes or in rehearsal rooms across the UK – we as an industry need to get engaged quickly and your trade body is going to help explain how to make that possible.

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