The #ShopKind Campaign

We are lucky in our industry to work with mostly lovely customers who have a passion for music, but most of us have some experience of dealing with people who aren’t so pleasant.

Launching on 19th April, ShopKind is a new campaign aimed at promoting respect for those working across food and non-food retail, just as many of you will be re-opening your stores. The emphasis is on positive reinforcement for customers to treat retail staff with kindness, and to encourage store colleagues to report incidents of abusive behaviour.

The campaign is being organised by the Association of Convenience Stores and will be supported by multi-channel resources, some of which we saw at a briefing last week. Endorsement by the Home Office and Policing community will give the campaign authority, as will the involvement of organisations including the BRC, CrimeStoppers and USDAW.

You can register your interest and find out more by contacting Eleanor O’Connell – Eleanor.O’


In response to the growth in violence and abuse against shopworkers, the BRC has worked in co-operation with the Suzy Lamplugh Trust to create an animation that can be used by any retailer to train their staff on how to deal with such threats.


The flyer produced by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust with the BRC can be used in conjunction with the video on de-escalation training. It is free to use by any retailer.

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