The new Model Music Curriculum

The new Model Music Curriculum for Key Stages 1-3, published by the DfE on Friday 26th March, has already stimulated a diverse range of discussion across various platforms.

We welcome it as a living document that can be adapted over time, and we are pleased to see it launched as a ‘model’ rather than as a statutory National Curriculum document.  This acknowledges that teachers know their pupils and circumstances first-hand, and so are best placed to use and adapt the guidance to ensure positive learning outcomes in their school.

It presents some opportunity for inclusion and accessibility and begins to embrace the diversity of music – all of which speaks to the ethos of the MIA.  The recommendations that adequate and regular time should be given to music are a very positive step forward, away from the trend towards inadequate carousel timetabling with other Creative Arts subjects.

These are starting points from which teachers will likely wish to develop a wider range of approaches, engaging their pupils through use of technology, alternative creative pathways and the curation of bespoke selections for listening and performance. Music offers a space within which pupils can explore and develop their own creative identity, and there is further progress to be made in opening the doors to this.

Our focus will be on exploring the ways in which the music industry can support teachers in developing the best elements of this new curriculum, and we are planning a webinar after Easter to open proactive and positive conversation about next steps within the industry.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already seen it, you can find the online document here:

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