The Small Print – Are you completely covered?

We’ve had a few conversations about in-store tuition recently, and it’s exciting that so many of you are looking at this as a strand in expanding the reach of your business.

Insurance isn’t most people’s idea of an interesting conversation, and it’s usually seen as one of those tasks that gets ticked off a list each year.  It’s also an overhead that everyone wants to minimise, and so finding the best value cover is often the priority.  The small print about what’s covered can make your eyes glaze over and it can be easy to miss what isn’t covered.

Our insurance partners at Cover Notes have highlighted to us that not all policies cover in-store and online tuition activities, or instruments loaned out for this purpose. We’d strongly recommend that you check this in your insurance documents as it’s one of those things that may only come to mind when you have a claim rejected.

Graham at Cover Notes has sent us this helpful checklist.  If you find things missing in your current policy you may find the benefits we’ve negotiated with Cover Notes can put things straight.

Cover Notes - Cover Comparison 04.2021

Here are the details if you would like to contact the Cover Notes team to discuss your policy:

t: 0121-327-197


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