June Emerson Wind Music at 50

May 2021 marks the 50th birthday of MIA Member June Emerson Wind Music!

It started from very humble beginnings – June Emerson founded her specialist wind music supply business on May 1st 1971 from a house in St Albans, Hertfordshire, England, with a starting capital of £11.23.

She had been an active freelance bassoon player and teacher, in and around London, until her children were born in 1967/68. This was just at the time when teaching of wind instruments in schools was beginning to take off in the UK. Many friends, who were also wind teachers, were finding it difficult to get music for their pupils as music shops kept very little repertoire.

To fill this need, June decided to start a mail-order music business specifically for wind players. Her first little 16-page catalogue was compiled from lists of music recommended by friends who were teachers, and about 50 copies were mailed out. To begin with she had no stock of music whatever. When orders started coming in, she would buy copies from the publishers for the customers and a spare copy of each title for the shelf. In this way the stock was built up, copy by copy, of music that customers really wanted. The shop now lists well over 70,000 works, with much of it physically in stock.

June Emerson Wind’s first catalouge

In 2000 June’s daughter Rachel, who had been working in admin for the London Symphony Orchestra and the London Metropolitan Orchestra, decided to move back to Yorkshire. Finding herself out of a job, she started working in the office one day a week. Rachel has now been running June Emerson Wind Music since about 2005, and has been responsible for leading it into the technological age. June is technically retired, but still works in the background on the website and on various other small projects.

The office is run by a small, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable team, supplying customers all over the world. We treat all our customers as our friends, and will always go the extra mile to get a player out of a fix.

Windmill Farm is an isolated farmhouse on top of a hill at the southern edge of the North York Moors National Park. The view spans a panorama about 80 miles in diameter and has probably the finest view in the music trade.

Alison, Rachel, June & Jane 

Stewart, Nicky & Jeremy 

Over the years, observing our success, several big players in the music trade made overtures to us, to join forces with them. June, as those who know her will tell you, has a strong aversion to being told what to do. Accepting financial involvement from another company would have brought obligations and restrictions. Both she and Rachel still prefer to do things their own way. Maximising profit is not our goal – as long as we and our wonderful office team can all afford to live, eat and drink reasonably well, we’re happy.


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