Mental Health Awareness Training

It’s hard to understand how the events of the last year have impacted on the welfare of the people around us. And whilst many of us are focused on the mental wellbeing of ourselves and our colleagues, we probably still have only begun to break down the barriers to discussion of this topic.

To help you promote awareness and positive action within your company, we have put together a training course, commissioned in partnership with The HR Point as part of the MI Academy.

The purpose of this course is to raise employee awareness of mental health in the workplace. Mental health is reported to affect 1 in 4 people, this can vary from a short term occurrence to life-long mental health conditions.

In this course, we will look at;

  1. What mental health means
  2. What can you do to help your mental health
  3. The different types of mental health conditions
  4. The symptoms of mental health
  5. How you can support colleagues with their mental health

The dates & times of this course are to be announced. If you would like to register your interest in taking part in this training, please email at your earliest convenience to secure a place. 

Happening this morning (Friday 14th May) at 10am:

Every Friday at 10am, our drop-in sessions give you the opportunity to join with other industry colleagues and discuss the issues affecting you and your business.

At this mornings session, we’ll be talking about mental health & wellbeing in the workplace.

The MIA would like to understand how best to support the industry with regard to mental health, and we would love to hear about the things you have been doing to promote awareness and positive action within your company.

We’ll also be joined by Nicky Gleadow of the HR Point, and Nicky will be able to talk about these issues from a best practise and employment law position.

There’s still time to join us at 10am – Contact Alice for the zoom joining details

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