Synergy transferring Sandberg distribution to 440


Alan Greensall’s Synergy Distribution is handing over distribution of the prestigious Sandberg guitar and bass line to Tom Harrison’s fast growing 440 Distribution from first of May.

Alan Greensall explained that after 43 years in the MI industry he will continue to play an active role for Sandberg and 440, but is currently facing heart surgery and felt it was time to take a less active role in the brand’s UK and Irish distribution. The MIA are grateful for Alan Greensall’s contribution to the MIA Board and his work as the Chairman of the MIA’s Statistics and trends committee.

Synergy was founded 21 years ago, with a goal of being different and innovative to the mainstream distribution channels at the time.

‘Sandberg distribution with Synergy began in 2005, and much has changed since those early days,’ Greensall says. ‘Today, most of the sales are created by the on-line “configurator” which helps you build a bass to your own ideal specification. Sandberg are leaders and innovators in the way they communicate with their distributors and dealers. This is also reflected in the basses and guitar designs that have a cutting edge “cool” that has taken years to establish.

‘Having successfully worked with Sandberg for 16 years, helping to build the brand image in the UK and Ireland, I’m happy to have found a distributor in 440 who share the Sandberg and Synergy philosophy. I will continue in a supportive role for 440, for the next few years to give continuity with dealers who have helped Sandberg grow over 35 years since it began.

All dealer back orders will be transferred to 440 from May 1st and invoicing and communication should be directed to the main 440 phone line. I will still be available to help with any issues around order specification that are outside the norm.’

Tom Harrison, whose 440 Distribution also represents among others Cort, Larrivee, Fishman and the Godin brand family added: ‘We’re very excited to be working with Holger and his team at Sandberg. We see a great fit with our established lines & Sandberg will beef-up our expanding bass guitar offering. I’m looking forward to building on the great work Alan at Synergy has done with the brand in the UK & introducing Sandberg basses & guitars to our dealers.

‘Our recent significant growth as a company shows that wholesale distributors are still a vital link in the supply chain of UK M.I. With Sandberg, we’re aligning ourselves with a manufacturer that appreciates the value we add to their products and brand.

Brexit and Covid have put significant strain on international movement of goods and I think the biggest issue facing MI retailers for the rest of 2021 will be consistent supply of product. Our company spends a significant amount of time and effort ensuring we can offer this for the benefit of manufacturer, dealer and end-user.’

 Contact: Synergy Distribution 0121 270 6485 / 440 Distribution: 01943 818599