The MIA and Royal Corps of Army Music

We are delighted to report that throughout the last few weeks the MIA’s very own Matthew Ash has been building a relationship with the largest employer of professional musicians, Army Music.

Matthew has been in regular contact with Corporal Russ Danckert finding out more about Army Music and how we can be of support. We are very excited to learn about all the amazing opportunities they are creating for musicians from wide and diverse musical backgrounds.

Army and Music in the same breath are not two words commonly associated, however The British Army is steeped in a history of providing music to uplift and support the nation.  Now it is turning its attention to the new generation of musician in order to preserve the rich history it is built upon.

The British Army has fourteen bands, one of which is a string orchestra, in ten locations throughout the UK and is the largest employer of professional musicians with approximately seven-hundred musicians in full time employment.  It’s musicians are the centre piece of national events such as the Queens Birthday Parade, The National Act of Remembrance and the almost daily Changing of the Guard Ceremony.

Army Music has long been intertwined with the spirit of the nation and primarily involved in supporting troops around the globe whilst underpinning the ethos, tradition and identity of the UK.  At home the bands are the public face of the Army supporting troops marching though towns, performing in concert halls and on the largest scale taking centre stage at national ceremonial events.  It’s purpose is simple and that is to deliver military music to the nation.

It’s musicians are selected from a wide and diverse musical background with careers ranging from the minimum four through to thirty plus years taking on benefits that include a non-contributory pension scheme, free health and dental care and subsidised accommodation.  Army Music employs professional musicians on all woodwind, brass, percussion and strings including piano.  In addition guitarists or vocalists willing to learn or who are able to perform on a Concert Band instrument are also employed.

For more information on our collaborative efforts with Army Music, please email

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