A moment of opportunity through music – Power of Music Survey

Music, our relationship to it, its value to us both at an individual and societal level, has come into sharp focus because of the pandemic. The past eighteen months have shown that music plays a powerful role in people’s lives for a variety of reasons – from educational to health and care to economic…

And yet, it’s not something that we are fully harnessing in a genuine cross-sectoral collaborative way in order to address major societal issues. We need to join up the conversation around the power of music and its value to society, in all senses, to create a coherent, collaborative and collective approach in how we use it to benefit all. And the moment to do that is now.

Here’s a message from Grace Meadows,Campaign Director at Music for Dementia

We’ve particularly seen the role music has played for people living with dementia over this period. It’s a critical way in which they have been able to maintain and sustain relationships and connections. Music for Dementia is a UK wide campaign calling for access to music for everyone living with dementia as part of their care. As a music-based campaign, we wholly support the wider value of music to society. We believe music and dementia is an excellent working case example of the value of music to a specific group within society, and how this model can be a template for looking at how music can be used successfully with others.

This is why we have joined forces with UK Music on a ground-breaking nationwide project. The Power of Music survey is focused on gaining a deeper insight into how music can play a more vital role in improving health and wellbeing, and we’d like you to take part.

The launch of the survey follows a top-level meeting in April with DCMS Minister Caroline Dinenage MP and Health Minister Nadine Dorries MP. Also attended by music industry and healthcare leaders, charities and other stakeholders, it highlighted the benefits to health and wellbeing that music can bring.

We are keen for everyone – organisations and individuals – to complete the survey online by 30th June. Questions we are asking include:

  • The role for music in improving care for those living with psychological and physical conditions
  • Barriers that might prevent greater partnership, and
  • What more could be done to support the use of music in health and wellbeing in care?

You can access the survey here: musicfordementia.org.uk/power-of-music-survey/

As Campaign Director for Music for Dementia and as a music therapist, I believe unquestioningly in the transformative power of music. Never before have we seen that come to the fore as we have over this past year, particularly for people living with dementia. We have an opportunity now, provided by government, to think and act together from across sectors, about what we can do  jointly to make music more central in our lives to support our health and wellbeing. I would urge everyone to contribute to this consultation to provide vital insights into the most effective and innovative ways we can do this, together.

For more information about the campaign, how you can get involved and become a Music for Dementia champion please visit: musicfordementia.org.uk/join-us/

You can get in touch with Grace via email at grace@musicfordementia.org.uk

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