Dr Walter Leckie and Don Francisco Tárrega by Brian Whitehouse


A new book written by MIA member Brian Whitehouse of the Anglo Spanish Guitar Company: Dr Walter Leckie and Don Francisco Tárrega has recently been published.

The work relates the story of the unlikely friendship, in the late nineteenth century, of an English doctor and the foremost Spanish guitarist of the time. Tárrega wrote many pages (six hundred and twenty-four!) of manuscript for his patron and these are illustrated, discussed and analysed in depth. Accompanying CDs recorded by Brian are included. Also of interest are details of the Doctor’s early lessons from Madame Sidney Pratten, the tutor to Queen Victoria’s royal princesses.  

This delightful new book details the unlikely tale of an English Gentleman and a Spanish Guitarist, the description is as follows; 

Walter James Leckie was born into a family freshly returned to England from a life with British Society in India—with servants, wealth and a distinguished lineage in the professions.

Following instruction from Madame Sidney Pratten, the tutor to the Royal Princesses, he met someone from a quite different world…

Someone who, as a young Spanish boy, leaving home at the age of ten years to live with street musicians, rogues and vagabonds… was destined to become one of the most loved and influential guitarists of all time.

This is the incredible story—of their friendship, beautiful manuscripts and wonderful music.

For further information about Brian’s book click here and Brian’s earlier works can be seen here.