Meters Music now available to Music Trades

Brought to the Musical Instrument World via Sister Company Ashdown Engineering, Meters Music range of Headphones and Consumer Electronics are now available to the Music Trades.

Supported in the UK Consumer Distribution channel via Thames Distribution, Ashdown are excited to support Thames which will enable existing Ashdown customers to order from their UK stock without having to set up another supplier.

The Meters Music headphones have enabled Ashdown to diversify into the Consumer Electronics world since 2017 with critical acclaim being given the title of ‘ICON’ by British publication ‘Stuff’ magazine and 5 star reviews from countless publications around the world.

The latest offering of Bluetooth headphones the OV-1-B-C sees a user-controlled interface for fine tuning your headphones via the free of charge app available on the App Store and Google Play.

Ashdown are very excited to offer Meters Music products to existing and new Music Trade accounts with great support and very healthy profit margins.

For more info on the Meters Music product range be sure to check out

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