New British company CAYA Audio running crowdfunding campaign


MIA Board Director Sarah Yule recently caught up with Thali Lotus, founder of CAYA Audio. She is on a mission to launch a new microphone company to “Educate, Empower and Entertain”. It’s fair to say that there is already a wealth of options in the microphone market, so what makes CAYA Audio different?

Thali explains CAYA, which stands for Come As You Are, was established in 2016 foremost as female soundsystem… it has expanded to CAYA Enterprise which educates young people and children about Soundsystem tradition and Reggae Music.” This focus should come as no surprise, as the ex-BRIT performing arts school student grew up in a musical household – with her father also running a well-known soundsystem. The CAYA founder goes on to explain “The most recent formation is CAYA AUDIO est. 2020, which has an ethos to Educate Entertain & Empower through innovative audio devices.”

The born creative with a love of music and the arts, also has a HNC in Electronics, a BA in Education and an MSc in Anthropology. Regarding the new microphone design, she comments “It’s been designed by myself and so it’s from a female perspective which I think considers its use from a broader perspective. From its weight, to design to its multi-purpose use. It’s a good all-round microphone, available in 4 different variations to cater for a range of needs and environments.”

The CAYA Audio X3E Microphone

In order to make this product a reality, Thali has invested much of her own time and money to do all of the initial design and prototyping. She is now running a crowdfunding campaign to raise £10,000 which she says will be spent on packaging design, additional stock, and marketing to launch the product later this year. Thali warns “The current crowdfund is live for another 5 days and the goal is 10k, as it stands, we have raised 5k and need another 5k to reach target. It’s an all or nothing CROWDFUND and so if I don’t meet the target, I don’t get anything – so it is imperative that I reach the target.”

Reading through Thali’s campaign, it is evident how passionate she is about the product and the importance of both music and music technology in people’s lives, she tells us “The power of a voice is incredible, however even more so once amplified. Just imagine without the mic we would never have heard Dr Martin Luther King’s, I have a dream speech, telephone calls, Zoom meetings etc all of which are someway made possible by mic technology. I wanted to create a mic to amplify the voice of those who are unheard, to bridge the gap between the Sound and Audio World encouraging the next generation to look at audio as important and to create sustainability for CAYA.”

So, what are Thali’s ambitions for CAYA Audio in the long term? With this much passion, focus and ability, we are sure that CAYA Audio will become a name we all recognise within the MI sector. She states her ambitions are “To expand into other types of mics, and audio devices, to educate through courses and workshops encouraging more young people and women into the industry.”

For people interested to support Thali, you can donate to the live crowdfunding campaign here:

The mic is planned to go on sale later this year, with a target RRP of £89. For anyone interested to learn more and get in touch with Thali, please contact her via one of the following channels:

Facebook: CAYA (coming soon)