The latest news from BOSS



We’ve put together the latest news from Boss including exciting celebrations for some of the classic Boss models. 

Celebrating 40 years of The Boss SD-1 

A very special birthday for a very special pedal. Released in 1981, the SD-1 Super Overdrive has been powering performances continuously for over 40 years, spanning across endless genres and musical styles; this pedal is a must for any player.

Designer Kanji Kubo said; 

“Some felt the sound of the OD-1 was too sweet and that the frequency range was insufficient. This is why we added the tone control to the SD-1.” Read more here

Watch the DM-2 shootout

What’s the difference between the Vintage and Waza models of DM-2? Leigh Fuge reached out to us to find out for himself. Join Leigh as he puts both pedals through the DM-2 shootout.

Watch video here: 

Discover which Katana MKII Amp is the one for you

The Guitar Geek has been using Katana since day one. Join him as he gives an in-depth, need-to-know rundown of each model—helping you choose the right one for you.

Watch video here: 

Celebrations continue with 30 years of the Boss MT-2 Metalzone

2021 is a significant year for the BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone. A must-have for any guitarist—not only has it been around for 30 years, but over 1 million of these have been sold! Watch Colin from CS Guitars dig into the history of MT-2.

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