Could following the science see a return to wind teaching and performance?


There has been much confusion over the safety of playing brass and woodwind instruments and the risks of transmitting Covid19.  These questions aren’t good for players, retailers or manufacturers, and so it’s great to have some research-backed clarification.

The journal Aerosol Science and Technology, has published a study which shows that playing a brass or woodwind instrument produces no more aerosols than breathing and carries less risk of transmitting Covid than speaking, shouting or singing.

Given how curtailed performance activities have been, this is great news and brings with it the hope that restrictions on performances involving woodwind and brass instruments could be safely relaxed.  This would be very positive both for orchestra and band settings but also for soloists, chamber groups, and any popular music bands who perform with wind instruments as part of their sound.

9 musicians playing 13 woodwind and brass instruments participated in the study, which was carried out by researchers from Imperial College London, University of Bristol, Wrexham Park Hospital, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust and Royal Brompton Hospital.

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