Dawsons Music & Sound’s Promise to their Customers


Historic music retailer pledges promise to customer safety and comfort post-lockdown, setting its sights on elevating the High Street into a new era of expert know-how, dynamic shopping and a sound experience.

Dawsons Music & Sound, a foremost leading expert in music retail and professional audio equipment, are delighted to welcome customers back to stores and to announce their Customer Charter, put together to ensure the safety and comfort of anyone who steps into a Dawsons Music & Sound store. From humble beginnings as a local music shop, to a family run company supporting a workforce of over 70 staff, the Haydock-based business has committed itself to an exciting and dynamic plan to support musicians, customers and enhance the regeneration of the High Street.

Serving musicians for over 120 years, their pledge to customer service and experience reflects both the evolution of the company, as well as its vision for the future of retail post-Covid.

Their Customer Charter is as follows: 

“Our promises to you:

  1. We will wear a mask if it makes you more comfortable. Just let us know when we are serving you and we will put a mask on.
  2. We will continue to stand 1m away from you, we want you to feel safe, and respect your personal space!
  3. We will continue to clean all instruments when they have been tested, your safety is of utmost importance to us.
  4. We will continue to provide hand sanitizer at store entrances for you to use as you wish.
  5. We will continue to follow all government guidelines to the letter.”

Andrew M. Oliver, Managing Director at Dawsons Music & Sound commented:

“Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and we’re proud to stand behind our Customer Charter, ensuring each person who walks through our doors will feel safe and considered.” 

With large, city centre stores in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester, Belfast, Leeds and Reading; accessibility and convenience are at the heart of the operation. Dawsons Music & Sound promise to gift customers the confidence and trust to boldly stride back onto the High Street and drive its vision into the future. Customers are educated and encouraged to try products before they buy, as well as stores establishing a commitment to rejuvenating High Street culture, developing their place in the community as safe forums for musicians to enjoy a compelling lifestyle experience in comfort. Dawsons Music & Sound aim to be the first name for a sound experience.

Les Hume, Head of Retail Operations at Dawsons Music & Sound stated:

“Music stores are an integral part in any musician’s journey.  We love seeing our customers jamming, trying new instruments, or just chatting to our staff about music. Our Customer Charter means we can continue to encourage this, and bring people back to the High Street”