Sales of Practice Mutes surge!


Amongst a lot of rather gloomy data on the sales of wind instruments and accessories, Denis Wick is pleased to announce that there is at least one ray of sunshine – the sale of practice mutes. These useful items allow players to keep their chops in good shape practising at home whilst there are no rehearsals or band practices going on.

Sales of euphonium practice mutes were up 35% on last year, trumpet/cornet practice mutes were up 53%, and French horn practice mutes rose an amazing 142%! There must be a lot of French horn players practising hard out there!

COVID-19 has changed the way that everybody shops and what they buy, and the high volume of practice mute sales indicates a desire by brass players to keep their playing alive even when they have been confined to their homes.

Denis Wick CEO Stephen Wick said:

“Our practice mutes are very well-designed to allow the player to blow a good fortissimo whilst keeping the actual noise level down to a pianissimo, so they are an invaluable aid to home practice. For brass players, it is vital to maintain the strength and stamina of the embouchure, and with very little happening in the way of normal concerts, it is very easy to get out of condition. These mutes help keep everybody match fit!”

For more information on Denis Wick practice mutes see the Denis Wick website or read ‘A Practical Aid to a Beautiful Sound’ on the Denis Wick app.