The Trumpet Shall Sound

The return of live music-making and teaching is a fundamental part of post-pandemic recovery, both for the music industry in all its guises and for the wider emotional and mental health of the nation.

Last week we shared news of a British study, which reports minimal risk of Covid19 transmission from playing wind instruments.  A link to the report has been requested by several MIA members by email, so you’ll find that link at the bottom of this article.

Our news piece prompted Betty from NAMM to get in touch with details of an American study focused on playing wind instruments in schools, the findings of which show strong similarity with the British study.  Similarity of evidence from multiple independent studies strengthens the arguments for restrictions on these activities to be lifted, and it’s vital that in lifting all remaining restrictions on 19th July, the UK Government follows the science and doesn’t forget to give music making a clean bill of health.

The study by the National Federation of State High School Associations builds on a body of work that has been collated throughout the pandemic, using results from a survey completed in April to assess the spread of Covid19 occuring in school-based music activities.

3,000 responses to the survey were received, with results showing that 2,796 of those respondents have been following mitigation recommendations set out in previous NFHS papers.  The study extrapolated the findings of the survey to estimate the potential spread of Covid19 across 20,000 music programs, resulting in an informed expectation that the chance of contracting Covid19 in a 30 minute rehearsal is just 0.00005%.

You can find reporting of all the NFHS work on this topic here

The UK report referred to last week can be found here 

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