Modal Electronics Announces AlgoRhythms

MIA Member Modal Electronics, a leading global synthesiser manufacturer, has just announced an all-new sound library for the feature packed COBALT Series synthesisers – AlgoRhythms. Leaning on the recent v1.1 COBALT Series firmware update, this rhythmic-centred patch collection is set to spice user’s productions and performances with polyrhythmic flavour.

Complete with aftertouch, an expensive mod-matrix and 3-clock synable LFOs (2 polyphonic and 1 global), there’s no denying the COBALT Series’ rhythmic presets scattered throughout the factory preset banks separate from the pack. Building on this legacy,  Modal Electronics set their sound design team a challenge. Arm the Modal Community with a preset pack brimming with pulsating textures, reactive to the subtle inflection of a truly expressive performance and mapped for tactile control to switch their sound up on the fly. The result: AlgoRhythms. A collection of 30 unique sounds, 20 sequences, 25 rhythmic sounds and 5 uber-expressive performance centric patches, that showcase the sheer power the firmware v1.1 update provides.

Watch video here; 

From pulsating beds to edgy leads and driving basses, everything the forward thinking creative is included to pepper their production with the power of polyrhythms. Click here to download this free pack today. 

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