Sound Post appointed as UK distributors for BAM cases

The Sound Post Ltd are pleased to announce that from 1st September 2021, the company will offer direct distribution of BAM Cases and Accessories in the UK.

This exciting and radical change to the distribution of France’s most famous instrument case manufacturer will become effective from 1st September 2021.

Robert Goetz, CEO and the creative force behind BAM observed:

“This agreement offers us the opportunity to expand our market even further. For the past few years we have made great strides in developing our traditional range of cases. Moreover we have branched out into accessories, and are complementing our instrument cases with innovations and luggage. Musicians’ tastes and needs are constantly being refined and challenged. Our expertise is blending the best in de- sign and materials engineering to deliver ground breaking products.

“The Sound Post Ltd’s expertise in Orchestral Stringed Instrument distribution will enable us to concentrate on product development and our skills in manufacturing. With Brexit and the challenges that brings, distribution between the EU and the UK has changed. We are confident that together with the team at The Sound Post we can improve on the service we offer to our customers and deliver the best cases in the market.”

Justin Wagstaff, The Sound Post Ltd’s Commercial Director commented:

“The Market demands high quality instrument cases and we have been actively seeking a premier range of cases to add to our catalogue. BAM is a world-renowned brand, with an established customer base and is a natural choice for musicians; offering unparalleled protection in modern materials, ergonomically and stylishly designed. Initially, the focus will be on Orchestral Strings and for the first time, we will venture into Brass and Woodwind cases.

“Dealers of BAM cases will further benefit from the vastly increased stock holding, greater access to the full product range as well as next day delivery for items in stock. This arrangement will be great news for those dealers who do not want the post-Brexit hassle of increased shipping costs or indeed the additional paperwork, all of which will be already taken care of. We at The Sound Post Ltd have the exciting opportunity to ensure that the product gets the widest possible distribution and benefit of our exceptional customer service.”

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