Roland announce the dynamic duo for your DAW

Since their release in 1985, the renowned TR-707 and TR-727 Rhythm Composers have been the heartbeats of tracks in a range of genres including synth pop, acid house, industrial, electro, indie, alternative, and more. Now, thanks to our Analog Circuit Behavior technology, you can have the authentic sound and experience of these influential drum machines right inside your DAW—with modern upgrades for your workflow.


Great care went into replicating the sound and experience of the original TR-707 and TR-727 hardware with some added modern enhancements. For the sounds, we started with the original PCM wave found in these classics, then using our advanced circuit modeling to recreate the PCM output stage, including all its unique quirks and instabilities. Plus, you’ll get tuning, decay, PCM clock adjustment and other parameters that aren’t present on the original units.

The updated sequencer allows you to add even more detail and nuances to your grooves. Open the sequencer’s expanded edit panel and discover individual sequencer lanes with mute, solo, and adjustable shuffle for each instrument. Per-step accent is included, and each step can trigger hard or weak hits, alternate sounds, three types of sub-steps, and nine types of flams.

Watch the video here:

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