Casio Music announces the PX-S1100, and the PX-S3100

Casio Music UK, one of the world’s most renowned producers of musical instruments, has today announced the release of two new models in its Privia range – the PX-S1100, and the PX-S3100.

With a depth of just 232mm, the latest range is in a league of its own, offering the world’s slimmest* digital pianos. Its compact and minimalistic design complements any kind of interior space while delivering even more of the feel of playing a grand piano thanks to its improved sound expression and audio system. The enhancements enable players to offer an even greater dynamic range when performing, from gentle and expressive to bold and powerful tones.

The compact Privia range was introduced to the world by Casio in 2019 and its popularity grew significantly with people spending more time at home. This growth was driven by its ease of use and clean design, which meant users could enjoy playing the piano without it having to take up too much space. The new PX-S1100 is available in a choice of three striking colours – red, black and white – making it the perfect companion for your living space. Both models also feature a mirror-like, flat panel for the console with touch buttons for handling all settings with ease. Whilst the design remains similar to its predecessor, the refined gold-coloured lettering on the body and other subtle touches lend a higher grade of elegance to its appearance.

The new PX-S1100 and PX-S3100 inherit the playing comfort of the previous models while further improving expression across the entire pitch range. Most notably, the speakers’ internal structures have been revised, adding a greater sense of airiness, localisation and clarity for an altogether richer sound. In the range, the PX-S3100 is a more advanced option as it boasts 700 tones covering a wide range of musical genres, 200 rhythms, an auto-accompaniment feature, a pitch bend wheel and live controllers for manipulating sound whilst performing. The model offers limitless musical possibilities, and navigating the full feature set is effortless thanks to its LCD screen.

The PX-S1100 and the PX-S3100 feature a smart scaled hammer action keyboard which combines their compact profiles with a natural playing feel. With the meticulous hammer weight and size differences across the 88 keys, the new models deliver the feeling of playing a grand piano thanks to the subtle differences in touch. Furthermore, with the Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source, the piano tone reflects changes in both volume and timbre together with string resonance modelling for exception realism.

Both of the new models include a Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor. This enables the user to use the instrument as a Bluetooth® speaker and stream audio from their phone, tablet or computer.  In addition, compatible devices can also be connected to the new Privia range wirelessly via Bluetooth MIDI, offering a far simpler way of connecting computers and tablets for use with music learning apps or recording software. Both digital pianos can be connected to Casio’s ‘Chordana Play for Piano’ app, enabling players to learn new pieces at their own pace and control the functions of the piano remotely from their iOS or Android device.

Portability is another key feature of the new Privia range, as they were designed to meet the needs of players who want all the sound and touch of an acoustic grand piano but in an easy to carry format. At just over 11kg, both instruments are some of the lightest 88-note digital pianos available and also have built-in battery power support. Casio offers an optional carrying case (sold separately) which makes it easier than ever to play anywhere.

Neil Evans, Head of Casio EMI, commented:

“Thanks to our continued innovation in developing cutting-edge digital pianos, we are delighted to present two new models as part of our state-of-the-art Privia range – the PX-S1100 and PX-S3100. Both benefit from new advanced functionalities which deliver a much more expressive playing style and are designed to an unrivalled, modern aesthetic. Boasting the world’s slimmest depth, we have achieved two sophisticated pianos which truly offer any musician the best in performance.”  

The PX-S1100 will be available to purchase for RRP £615, and the PX-S3100 will have a price of RRP £839. Both models will be available from September 2021. To find out more information, please visit

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