Have you listened to the 9-42 Podcast? 

Here’s a message from Jason Hunt, Owner of the 9-42 Podcast and The Guitar Show. Jason shares how his podcast tells the story of MI companies.

I consider myself to be very lucky, I’ve been running MI Events for almost 20 years. Over that time, I have built up contacts in almost every part of MI. Whenever I have an issue, or the more likely, I want to buy something I can go direct to the source. 

When we launched 9-42, The Guitar Show Podcast, we wanted to not only talk to the players, but also to the makers, those contacts that I have been talking to over all this time. 

We have a long and proud history in the UK stretching back to the birth of modern music, the British Invasion was the sound of Vox, the second wave was the sound of Marshall and the birth of Heavy Metal was the sound of a Laney. Fast forward to the explosion of companies in the last decade or so, such as Bare Knuckle, Thorpy FX, Red Beard Effects, Monty’s Guitars, Auden & Gordon Smith Guitars, Rift Amps & Ivison Guitars, all of which have featured on 9-42.

Last week 9-42 spoke to Jason How, Chairman of Rotosound, a company that can trace its founding back to the mid 1950s. Jason’s dad (James How) founded the company before all the names you would think of in the Rock N Roll side of MI. During the conversation, we found out why the company started, discussed their unique history and how Jason has steered the company to be more sustainable, plus the impact of Brexit and Covid-19 on the present.

You can find 9-42 on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music plus all the other usual platforms.

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