Maximising Sales & Operating Safely on Learn to Play Day

Learn to Play day is fast approaching, taking place on the 25th and 26th of September 2021. This day is a fantastic opportunity for both music stores and future musicians.

Learn to Play Day encourages people into your showroom, and can also help sow the seeds for the musicians and customers of the future.  We have put together a helpful guide to ensure that your event maximises sales and takes place safely. We hope you find it helpful!

Maximising Sales

Experiential Retail – Learn to Play Day is a great opportunity to introduce a customer to an instrument they wouldn’t have previously considered playing. Giving people the chance to watch an instrument in action and then try it out is a unique customer experience that you otherwise wouldn’t usually get to offer. Many of our members who have taken part in the day have raved about the buzz Learn to Play Day creates in their store.

Jonny Brading, Commercial Director of Presto Music has this to say about Learn to Play Day:

“I’ve worked in the industry for 25 years and remember when working in a store over a weekend was relentless, with customer after customer… Our Learn to play days offer a glimpse of this again with a steady stream of people talking about their aspirations for playing an instrument. We’ve always viewed this as a simple opportunity to talk and hopefully impart some of our staff’s knowledge – The immediate sale is not necessarily the most important part of the day.”

Vouchers – Learn to Play day is a fantastic venture for starting a musical journey for people of all ages but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to bring customers off the high street and into your music shop. There may be the concern that people will take the opportunity to have a free music lesson but not follow through by buying an instrument with you in store. To help with this, we have created a voucher for stores taking part to encourage customers to return to your store and spend with you once they have had their free 15 minute lesson.

These vouchers can be redeemed in store however you wish, we have made a generic copy for you to use however if you wish to have this voucher edited to your stores specifications please don’t hesitate to email and she will happily make this voucher tailored to you.

Operating Safely

Here are some precautions to consider when planning your Learn to Play Day event:

  • Complete a COVID-19 risk assessment – information on how this can be carried out can be found here and here. Sharing with your customers that this has been carried out will give them peace of mind when attending your event.
  • Provide adequate ventilation, eg by keeping doors and windows open where possible – consider using any outdoor spaces where possible, some stores have chosen to put up marquees in outdoor areas for music lessons to take place outside, this is also helpful in creating more space to maximise the customers able to take part at one time. Further information on ventilating your store can be found here.
  • Clean more often – regular cleaning of instruments after use is vital on an event such as Learn to Play Day as well as sanitising regularly touched surfaces, door handles and hands.
  • Keep all workers and third parties up to date with your safety measures – it is advised that screens are put up on the counters where purchases are made to reduce any unnecessary risk and that masks are worn (however this is no longer a legal requirement). Keeping contact around transactions to a minimum. Where possible, use contactless payments.

We spoke to Olivia Wild, Director of Windology Music, who will be taking part in this year’s Learn To Play Day, and asked her what sort of health and safety protocols had been put in place to allow their customers the ability to test instruments in-store, Olivia Wild explained:

“Safety is of course paramount, both for the customer and for us to be able to operate. We’ll have lots of ‘trial’ instruments quarantined ahead of the day, sufficient mouthpieces, reeds and washing facilities/sanitiser on hand. We are lucky to have both a well-ventilated shop floor, and outside space for participants to give an instrument a go.
The priority here is safety and for the customer to feel comfortable.”

For more information and to get involved with Learn to Play Day, please visit:

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