BRC Climate Action Roadmap

Environmental awareness is now a mainstream topic and operating in a sustainable way will increasingly be a key driver in attracting customers over the coming years.  Recent MIA activities have brought light to the issue within our industry, and we’re pleased to report that the British Retail Consortium has launched a Climate Action Roadmap as a call-to-action for wider retail and supply-chain infrastructure.

The Roadmap is a central element of the BRC’s ‘Better Retail Better World’ campaign which commits the industry to achieving a fairer and more sustainable economy.  It is aimed at guiding retailers on the path to Net Zero, and to ensuring that we achieve positive action beyond simple lip service.

You can find the roadmap and a video covering the issue at the BRC website, and you will see there the groundswell of support from major high street retailers, but this is not an issue we can leave only to the big names.  The musical community, across every genre, is one of the most aware sectors when it comes to key societal issues, and it is crucial for both the environment and our businesses that we listen and contribute to positive change.

There is a lot of language surrounding these issues, and with time pressures from every side, it can be difficult to take in the full scope of carbon neutrality and the road of Net Zero.  If you attended our ‘Bringing the Industry Back Together’ event on 23rd September the first panel discussion of the day, led by Steven Greenall, will have introduced you to the key concepts, but the more understanding we can bring to the topic the more effective we can be in bringing the industry together in a sustained way.

We will shortly be launching sector specific training on Net Zero and carbon neutrality as part of miacademy, but in the meantime you may find it interesting to explore the BRC’s campaign and to calculate your business’ current carbon footprint using this free online calculator.  You can also take positive action by signing the SME Climate Commitment.

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