Dunlop & Justin Chancellor’s Outrageous Festive Video

Jim Dunlop and Tool’s Justin Chancellor celebrate the launch of new signature Cry Baby Wah Pedal with outrageous festive video!

Legendary bass player Justin Chancellor has long been at the vanguard of creative sound design that elevates bass to a lead instrument in Tool’s massive sonic landscapes. Naturally, his new signature Cry Baby Bass Wah offers a multitude of possibilities to sculpt sounds ranging from subtle to ferocious. Dunlop describes the pedal as “a multi-tool of sonic craftsmanship, combining the fluid expressiveness of a custom midrange filter, the bright aggression of a custom wah circuit, and the chainsaw grind of a vintage fuzz.”

To celebrate the launch of the pedal, Chancellor worked with director Jimmy Hayward to create a fabulously tongue-in-cheek short film that breaks from both the norms of product videos and Tool’s own enigmatic image.

We guarantee this will be unlike any other festive video you watch this year!

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