Help us keep our comms right

We’re very aware that on a daily basis, you’ll be bombarded with a plethera of digital communication. Whilst we want to continue to keep you updated on a variety of matters, we also don’t want to be part of the problem.

Join us this week as we take you through our plans to reform our communication strategy and provide you with content tailored to your individual requirements.

This is all linked to the launch of the new MIA website, and so we will also take the opportunity to give you a bit more of an update on that project.

These sessions are really informal and open to any business operating across the MI sector.

Please note: we’ve moved the drop-in this week to 9am, incase you were planning on attending the Net Zero Carbon event happening that is also happening on Friday at 09:30-10:45.

If you would like to join the session taking place this Friday at 9am, please contact

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