Légère expand American Cut saxophone reeds

Légère Reeds are delighted to announce the expansion of their incredibly popular American Cut saxophone reeds to include soprano and baritone saxophone.

Also available for alto and tenor saxophone, Légère American Cut reeds are the culmination of a 6-year research project to advance Légère’s Signature Series technology and create a reed that answers the needs of the world’s most discerning jazz musicians.

From the very first note, American Cut reeds speak without hesitation. They are effortlessly free-blowing, responsive, colourful, and loaded with personality. Their unmistakable character is thanks to an entirely reinvented profile and heart, and a shorter and wider vamp. By drawing material from the edges toward the centre spine, they strike a harmonious balance of responsiveness and control. Ultra-fine edges allow unrestrained vibration rewarding the player with a clear low-register and vibrant altissimo.

American jazz saxophonist Gerald Albright states, “I wish I had a reed “exactly” like this one every time I applied it to my mouthpiece! It has the “buzz”, the edge, the projection, and the consistency up and down the alto sax.”

Using specially engineered and ‘oriented’ polypropylene to make both single and double reeds, Légère reeds offer several incredible benefits to players. They don’t require soaking and are therefore instantly ready-to-play and responsive right out of the box. Unlike many woodwind reeds, they are unaffected by weather, temperature, or humidity and offer excellent longevity.

The perfect reed choice for jazz players from absolute beginners to renowned masters, new Légère American Cut soprano and baritone sax reeds retail for £29.90 and £33.80 SRP respectively and are available to order now exclusively through UK distributors Barnes & Mullins. www.bandm.co.uk

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