Music Education Post-Pandemic: The reality at the cutting-edge of teaching and learning


On Wednesday, we hosted an event to try and get a handle on the impact of the pandemic on music education, experiences of trying to deliver content during lockdown and what the situation on the ground is like now. We are pleased to give you the opportunity to watch this session again.

To help us explore this topic, we spoke in advance to a variety of stakeholders who have first-hand insight into the access points children have to music learning.

  • Stuart Lewis – Director of Spider Music, Swansea
  • Rachel Hawker – Head of Academy at Rocksteady Music School
  • Richard Llewellyn – UK Education Manager at Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
  • Tim Bennett-Hart – Director of Academic at RSL Awards
  • Data & Statistics from the team behind FenderPlay
  • Fiona Pendreigh – Head of Plymouth Music Service
  • Kingsley Clennel-White – Dartmoor Leader of Education (DLE) for Music
  • Barrie Mills – Founder and Conductor of Plymouth Youth Concert Band
  • Sarah Lowe – Head of Music at Plymstock School
  • Gary Griffiths – Music Education Consultant

On the day, we channelled this commentary to help frame a number of questions for discussion, and then encouraged a live debate around the topics most at the forefront.

As such, we discussed; overcoming challenges presented by the pandemic, utilising new technologies, the pursuit of progression for young musicians, reasons for MI retailers and manufacturers to engage with their local music hub and advice on setting up in-store tuition.

Watch it back here: