Octopus Ukuleles launches new Rosette Series

The new range of ukes to take your playing to the next level, for intermediate players and adult beginners. 

Octopus Ukuleles has recently launched their latest range – the Octopus Rosette. This new series of ukuleles for the intermediate and adult beginner features eye-catching designs, quality tone woods and a fabulous sound that is ready to take your playing to the next level.

The Rosette Series is endorsed by Andy Eastwood, renowned ukulele teacher and performer. Andy is currently working in collaboration with Octopus to create a series of educational video content, including a selection focussed around the Rosette range.

Rosette Series ukes feature eye-catching, intricate laser etched designs. Each component has been carefully selected, delivering excellence in every instrument. The top, back, and sides are made of laminated open pore sapele wood, sustainably sourced, with fully lined side walls. Every ukulele is fitted with Aquila Nylgut strings, the best in the world for intonation and tone.

The Rosette range includes soprano, concert, tenor and electric models. Ukuleles such as these deserve next level gig bags. The beautiful, 10mm padded gig bags supplied with Rosette series models provide ultimate protection and are also finished in style with bespoke zips and integrated backpack straps.

“With this new Rosette series Octopus have gone a step above and gone for higher quality specifications in all of the details. It’s really incredible value for money when you look at the standard of the instrument. I’m very impressed with the Rosette series – they sound good, and they look good. The first thing that you see is the gig bag, when you get it. They are very nice quality gig bags that they all come in. Lovely, plush suede effect fabric and nicely padded. Octopus are definitely a company that make the effort to get things right. It’s a big thumbs up from me!”

Andy Eastwood Ukulele performer and teacher

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