Can you take this business to the next level?

Black Dress Code is the first and (as far as we can tell) only company to make a stylish range of clothes designed specifically to allow musicians the freedom of movement they need to play at their best.

It was founded by Daniella Gluck who took a career break as a finance journalist to focus on the needs of her family. She spoke to Alice about how she became aware of this opportunity in the market:

“As my daughter grew up to be a passionate musician, I found it hard to find the clothes she was asked to wear for her performances. I founded Black Dress Code when it became clear that an entire, highly-trained profession had no access to a ready supply of stylish clothes in which they could perform in comfort and to the highest of standard.”

“We are all aware of the exacting standards musicians require for their instruments, but nobody has yet put much thought into how they’re meant to get the best out of those instruments in normal clothes that restrict movement and are too hot to play in comfortably.”

“It’s been a steep learning curve, but we now have a reasonable women’s and children’s range, as well as some specialised shirts developed for us by a top UK men’s designers. We are now moving onto jackets of all styles for both men and women.”

Having made considerable progress in establishing her portfolio Daniella contacted the MIA for some advice with regard to developing sales and championing her business.

“We are making these products because we have been asked to do so. We therefore know that there is huge demand for what we do but we need help to spread the word and boost our sales. What we need is somebody with experience of domestic and international markets and that shares our belief in the future of Black Dress Code”

So, if you think you might be the right person to help Daniella and her team she would love to hear from you and begin a conversation about the future. You can reach out to Daniella via email here

For more information, you can visit the Black Dress Code website here

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