Percussion Plus reinvents the djembe

Recent years have seen a boom in the use of djembes for education and therapy as they are fun and accessible instruments for all ages and abilities. With this in mind, Percussion Plus set out to create an easy system for teaching and learning the djembe. The result is the Slap Djembe with its ‘how to play’ graphic, screen-printed on the drumheads to support the student, and the teacher, every step of the way.

The ‘how to play’ graphic guides the drummer’s hands to the correct positions for the three main techniques of djembe performance: the bass, the tone, and the slap. This allows the player to focus on the music, and to achieve the best possible sound.

Following the initial success of the Slap Djembe, Percussion Plus is expanding the Slap Percussion range, with mechanically tuned djembes, hand drums, bongos and more to be added to the collection very soon.

Slap Percussion items are lightweight, colourful and fun to play, and at the same time durable and tough. The hard-wearing synthetic shells allow for a consistent tone across the range.

Slap Djembes are available in pre-tuned, rope-tuned and mechanically-tuned models in a variety of sizes. Multi-player packs are also available in each range.

“The Slap Djembe is an innovation from leading music educational instrument manufacturer Percussion Plus. The first thing I noticed about the drums is how incredibly light they are. This makes them ideal for use in educational settings that involve young children or older children who may find holding the instrument difficult.

The real benefit of these instruments is that the drumhead has been printed with graphics of the hand positions to show exactly where to play the drum to achieve the correct sounds. The construction is solid, and although the drums are a budget range of djembes, they have good tone, are good to look at, and are fun to play”

– Andy Gleadhill. Educator, Author and Composer


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