7 Ways to Grow Your Business

7 Ways to Grow Your Business

We’re delighted to share with our MIA Members 8 free and on-demand webinars from our friends at Pink Pig Financials. These sessions discuss all the need-to-know info around managing your business’s finances.

Let’s face it – being a business owner is hard!  You’re expected to know so much in addition to your craft/trade to ensure your business delivers on your goals.  So we hope these free webinars may help you to understand all the other parts of your business.

This education program is part of Pink Pig Financials Live & Learn community (which you can join here) and is bringing an exclusive education program to the wider world.

The 8 sessions available are as follows;

  • 7 Ways to Grow – Watch here
  • Build a Better Business – Watch here
  • Cashflow Management – with guest from Float – Watch here
  • Your Personal Budget – Watch here
  • 3 Essential Tools – Watch here
  • Reclaim Your Time – Watch here
  • Redefining Success – Watch here
  • Know Your Numbers – Watch here

If you enjoy these sessions and would like to keep up to date with the latest webinars from Pink Pig Financials -simply click here or send over an email to alice@mia.org.uk

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