Barnes & Mullins Folk Instruments Launch New Website

Barnes & Mullins are delighted to announce the launch of their new Barnes & Mullins folk instruments brand website –

Comprising a wide variety of popular styles of banjos, ukuleles and mandolins, Barnes & Mullins folk instruments have a highly respected history dating back over 125 years. The inception of the famous musical instrument journal ‘The Jo’ by Mr Albert Mullins and Mr S. Bowley Barnes in 1894 soon led to the manufacturing of banjos under the Barnes & Mullins moniker, with Barnes & Mullins banjos and other associated instruments establishing themselves as a staple brand among folk musicians ever since.

The new B&M folk website offers a comprehensive presentation of Barnes & Mullins’ extensive contemporary banjo, ukulele and mandolin catalogue, showcasing high-quality instruments that pay homage to the origins of a rich musical history and that honour the indelible legacy left by Messrs S ‘Bowley’ Barnes and Albert Mullins.

Information pages in the new website offer explanations of each instrument’s design and sound characteristics. Exhaustive specification breakdowns and image galleries are also included on all instrument listings to help furnish every player – whether they are an experienced folk musician or a complete beginner – with everything they need to make a fully informed purchase from any of Barnes & Mullins folk instrument’s authorised international retail partners.

Furthermore, visitors to the new B&M Folk website can take advantage of a wealth of FAQ information aimed at answering commonly sought-after questions about folk instruments, as well as explaining the distinctions of banjos, ukuleles and mandolins. Via these FAQ sections, visitors can learn the broader history of folk instruments and quickly gain an insight into which instruments are most suitable for them.

The website also encompasses a Google-Map powered retailer locator map, an overview of the history of Barnes & Mullins folk instruments and a registration area for customers to register their instruments and leave valuable feedback that is visible to other website users.

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