Red Chilli Audio – UK distributors of ENYA MUSIC

Red Chilli Audio – UK distributors of ENYA MUSIC

Announcing the release of the latest Enya Guitar product called the NEX G.

The “SMART AUDIO GUITAR” due to the many features it has compared to nearly anything else on the market to date.

It is the world’s first smart audio instrument that combines a guitar, Bluetooth speaker, sound card, and onboard effects into one and has a suggested SRP of £649.99 including vat.

It is officially released for February 2022 but will arrive in the UK around April 2022 and they are now taking advanced orders and have a demo unit, fully functional which is absolutely amazing.

There will be Internet celebrities reviewing the product and demoing the product alongside additional reviews worldwide.

This is a smart audio guitar, silence guitar, Bluetooth speaker, with onboard effects multi-functional guitar idea for home use and busking, live performance and as a lifestyle product that can enhance any home with its stylish looks, amazing sound and has to be considered as one of the most innovative new products for the guitar market in many a year.

Managing Director Steve Helm of Red Chilli Audio said “We have a real passional for innovative products and this is up there with any I have seen, it’s really exciting and the features are not gimmicks but really useful tools, it’s easy to use, sounds and plays great and we cannot wait to get the first production run into the UK”

The Guitar can come in 4 colours, Black, White, Blue or Pink and also has an option wireless charging station. The Guitar itself comes with a charger, headphones, case, strap, output leads and if you can believe it a radio mic that connect to the guitar and you can link your phone via Bluetooth to play along with track, backing or use the app that has all the editing facilities of the effects, levels, drum machine, metronome and much more – You have to see it and hear it to believe it!

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