Change is on the way: Read all about it!

The new MIA website we’ve been hinting at is launching this month and we can’t wait for you to experience the improvements and changes over the outgoing one. The developments don’t stop with the website itself; there’s changes ahead in all our comms and here’s a rundown.

Member Only Content 

Historically we’ve shared all content with everyone, regardless of their membership status. Over the past year, as the new team has settled in, we’ve been creating more organic content and we’ve also shared more information from partners including the BRC. Very shortly we will be locking this content out so that it is available only to members who are logged in. We feel this is only fair, and it will make this content one of the benefits of MIA membership.

We will continue to share some content openly, including press releases and more widely known stories, but most of our more in-depth articles and information won’t be accessible unless you are a member.


 Communities are proving to be a great way of bringing groups of members with similar interests and aims together. Some of you will already be engaging with them, but we’re putting this approach at the centre of what we do.

When you log into the new website you will be able to select which communities interest you the most. This will allow you to curate which content you see and will also inform what we send directly to your inbox, including news of online and in-person events specific to each community.

The communities will be:

  • Equality Diversity & Inclusion
  • Young Professionals Network
  • Manufacture
  • Sustainability
  • Music Education
  • CEO Network (by invitation only)


It’s also time to make changes to our newsletter. We’ve seen the engagement metrics for our daily newsletter improve consistently over recent months, but we’ve decided it’s time to focus the content you receive to what is most relevant to you and your business.

The general daily newsletter is coming to an end and will change to a weekly round-up, sent to all subscribers both members and non-members. This is a more concise way to share the highlights with you; we don’t want to overload your inbox beyond what is useful.

This doesn’t mean we’re going to create less content. We will continue to share breaking news as it happens, to all newsletter subcribers. MIA members will receive newsletters specific to the communities they are involved with, ensuring content of maximum relevance hits your inbox.

So that’s an outline of what’s ahead. We’ll bring you further detail as these changes take effect, and if you have questions or come up against issues at any point let Matt know and we’ll take a look.

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