Isuzi Im1S Microphone package

Isuzi Im1S Microphone package

Red Chilli Audio are proud to announce the release of the latest Isuzi Product called the Im1S a Dynamic switched microphone complete with a bundle of accessories. It is officially released for March 2022 and is now in Stock.

Managing Director Steve Helm of Red Chilli Audio said “We are really excited to see this product as it has been over 2 years in the making with loads of tests, comparisons and improvements made to ensure the microphone launches at a special price and has a fantastic sound, great feedback rejection, low handling noise and comes with what everyone would ask for all in one box.”

The microphone comes complete with an XLR to XLR cable, Mic Clip, Mic Clip Adapter, pouch, the Switch can be locked as well and launches at a special suggested price of £59.99 inc vat

Isuzi are getting well known for their quality of accessories, amplifiers and ukuleles as well as a few special guitars and products such as the GA-25 lithium battery powered 25 watt amp is getting great reviews from users and this microphone can only compliment the range.


Isuzi I-M1S –  Neodymium Magnet Dynamic Microphone with XLR to XLR cable, pouch and Mic Clip. This versatile Mic is Switched though this can be locked ‘On’

Incredible value Dynamic Vocal Mic package

  • Unidirectional
  • Front Sensitivity Frequency response 7-16000 Hz
  •  Sensitivity  51dB ± 3dB at (0dB =1V/Pa, at 1KHz)

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Tel: 0113 457 5222

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