Lessons to learn: Help us shape the future

This online event is a starting point for reinvigorating the conversation about music education in the MI industry – an informal discussion about the things that helped you to reach the point you’re at now and the obstacles you met and had to navigate.  It’s vital to encourage talent to join the industry and to promote the wide range of opportunities as viable and stimulating career paths.

This is a chance to help us to outline how the MIA and its membership can be involved in encouraging and supporting the musicians who will shape the future of our industry both from within and as customers.  We will be joined by Roger Wilson (Black Lives in Music) and MIA board member Sarah Yule (KEF) who are both passionate about moving the conversation forward.

During this informal online event at 10am on Wednesday 9th March everyone’s voice will be heard and respected, and it would be brilliant if you could be a part of it.  Simply sign up here, and we’ll see you then!


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