Why is International Women’s Day important to us?

Why is International Women’s Day important to us?

We want to help implement initiatives that don’t just last for one day, but that can educate and create positive change within the music industries all year round. Today is as good as any day to take the opportunity to reflect and talk about inclusivity.

Our vision is to make Musical Instruments, Music Technology and Music Learning accessible to everyone in the UK. Encouraging and supporting women is key to this vision, because we want to see a better balance in our sector. You can only be what you can see, so we need to strive towards an industry that represents the diverse clientele that we serve.

Here’s a quote from one of our Board Members, Sarah Yule:

“It is our intention ongoing, to continue amplifying the voice of women in our industry. As a sound engineer originally by profession, I can liken this to ensuring there is a well-balanced mix for us all to enjoy. That even if a part currently only occupies a narrow frequency band within our mix, we still need it to be heard and appreciated. It doesn’t mean this part is more important than the other parts; it means it is equally important. It just needs the space to be heard.

Therefore, we will continue to dedicate some of our spectrum to be a sounding board, particularly for women in MI, until we have achieved a better balance in this industry that we love and share.”

To celebrate International Women’s Day, I spoke to 4 women in MI; Ria Bagley, Compliance Manager at PMT, Hayley Jordan, Applicant Experience Manager at BIMM, Suzanne Harlow, CEO of RSL Awards and Grace Colebeck-Smith, Head of Projects, People & Office at Spitfire Audio.

I asked these women to talk a little bit about the work that they do within their organisations to encourage more females to make music. I hope you’ll take 12 minutes out of your day to listen to what they’ve got to say.

Watch the video:

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