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We’d like to share some of our highlights from the wide range of content available as part of The NAMM Show. Here’s a taster of what’s to come in June 2022.

Some of these sessions are in-person only, available to those who are visiting the show, and other sessions will be live-streamed for you to watch wherever you are.

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Thursday 2nd June 2022

Retail Innovation Summit

(In-person only: 9am-12pm at The NAMM Show)

The pandemic has accelerated change in music retail—particularly for small- to mid-sized independents. Expectations are up, and often, loyalty is down. Now, your customers expect even more ways to experience your brand. This engaging half-day workshop is an exploration of this new, exciting “omni-experiential” future and what you must do to profit from it.

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Retail Financial Summit

(In-person only: 1pm-4pm at The NAMM Show) 

Managing music product inventory is tough enough during the best of times and economic normality. But the daily challenges of acquiring, managing, selling and reacquiring product have become exacerbated during the pandemic. If this sounds all too familiar, join industry financial oracles Alan Friedman, CPA, and Daniel Jobe of Friedman, Kannenberg & Co., and discover how to navigate this new world in this half-day workshop.

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Friday 3rd June 2022

Breakfast of Champions with Joe Lamond

(In-person: 8:30am-9:30am at The NAMM Show + Live-streamed: 4:30pm-5:30pm UK Time)

The 2022 NAMM Show is about transformation. Transformation in business, life and, most of all, mindset. It’s also about tradition—and our industry’s rich history of legendary instruments, technologies and people. And as we return to Anaheim for a long-overdue industry homecoming, you’ll get a firsthand glimpse at what this convergence looks like in a post-pandemic world at “Breakfast of Champions”—the must-see kickoff to The NAMM Show. Join NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond and a lineup of surprise VIP guests as they explore this new era and share a can’t-miss outlook for you and your business.

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Next Generation Customers Are Taking Over – What You Need To Know

(In-person: 10am-10:30am at The NAMM Show + Live-streamed: 6pm-6:30pm UK Time)

Every business on the planet was—and continues to be—impacted by fallout from the pandemic. But the bigger story is how your customers have evolved since 2020. Consumer buying habits accelerated years into the future due to the global pandemic, worldwide lockdowns and living in a limited-supply world. Next-generation customers are changing the game. They’re more empowered and have higher expectations than at any other time in history. Who is your next-gen consumer? What do they want? What persuades them, and what will make them ignore your brand forever? Join Larry Bailin, marketing expert and previous NAMM U Breakfast Session presenter, for this special NAMM Idea Center session.

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How to Make Effective Videos for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

(In-person: 11am-12pm at The NAMM Show + Live-streamed: 7pm-8pm UK Time)

Video has become a critical success factor in marketing. In this session, Tracy Hoeft of Amplify 11 will reveal what’s working in video marketing right now. Get a specific framework for making thumb-stopping videos, including tips and tricks specific to TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. Great videos can propel your social media and general marketing efforts. Join this powerful double session to level up your video game.

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Do’s and Don’ts for Successful Group Lesson Programmes

(In-person: 12pm-12:30pm at The NAMM Show + Live-streamed: 8pm-8:30pm UK Time)

Want to build a group lesson program designed for profitability, retention and long-term success? In this session, Robin Sassi and Kimberly Deverell of San Diego Music Studio will reveal new ideas to rethink group lessons, drawing from the success of their own programme. They’ll share the essential do’s and don’ts that make or break a program, covering everything from teachers and scheduling to instructional content. Find out how to do group lessons right in this fast-moving, dynamic presentation.

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The Life of a Hit Song

(In-person: 12:00pm-12:50pm at The NAMM Show + Live-streamed: 8pm-8:50pm UK Time)

Three of the music industry’s biggest hitmakers, Tony Brown, Bob Clearmountain and Mark Needham, will discuss the evolution of songs that became hits. What are the stages and the critical qualities necessary for a song to make it through the minefields to the top of the charts in 2022? Don Miggs will moderate the panel.

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Running the Show: Sound Advice From Women Visionaries 

(In-person: 2pm-2:50pm at The NAMM Show + Live-streamed: 10pm-10:50pm UK Time)

Discover important lessons about what it takes to be the boss of successful businesses from women who are leading the way in various aspects of the music industry, including manufacturing, marketing, producing, law and more. Moderated by music marketing and coaching veteran Chandra Lynn of Glow Marketing, this dynamic panel will feature Jan Glasband of EQUI=TECH, EveAnna Manley of Manley Laboratories and Heather Rafter of RafterMarsh Law. Join in the lively conversation about what it takes to get on top and stay there during challenging times.

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Text-Message Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Customer Base

(In-person: 2:30pm-3pm at The NAMM Show + Live-streamed: 10:30pm-11pm UK Time) 

If you’re not harnessing text-message marketing, you’re missing out on powerful opportunities to get in front of the people you most want to reach. Join Sean Lewis of Tier Level Digital Marketing and Paul Farmer of Starfish SEO, and discover new text-messaging strategies and campaigns for expanding your customer base and business. They’ll share proven strategies and ideas for successful text campaigns, looking at different platform resources.

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Saturday 4th June 2022

Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World

(In-person: 8:30am-9:30am at The NAMM Show + Live-streamed: 4:30pm-5:30pm UK Time)

In this post-COVID age of disruption, leaders face more challenges than ever before. And in this must-attend NAMM U Breakfast Session, branding and relationship expert Scott Stratten returns to The NAMM Show to tackle head-on what leadership looks like in this new world. Discover how to manage and thrive in this era with insights you won’t hear anywhere else—from one of the biggest rock stars in thought leadership. Stratten will show you how to create stronger team bonds, acknowledge what we’ve been through, determine where we go next and build an environment where a multigenerational workforce thrives. He’ll also reveal the most important leadership trait going forward. Don’t miss a chance to hear from Stratten, who’s helped everyone from Walmart and Pepsi to Microsoft and Adobe navigate their way through the landscape of business disruption.

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Updated Facebook and Instagram Ad Strategies to Drive More Sales

(In-Person: 10am-10:30am at The NAMM Show + Live-streamed: 6pm-6:30pm UK Time) 

Looking for the latest strategies to drum up sales with Facebook and Instagram ads? In this session, Ayana Webb, owner of The Musical Webb, will discuss the most effective campaigns that help businesses tap into the highest-quality audiences, such as catalog, conversion, lead generation and store traffic campaigns. She’ll also cover how to use tools like targeting audiences and retargeting ads to help boost sales from new and current customers. Finally, she will reveal how to set up dynamic ads to direct traffic to products displayed in your store within the Facebook and Instagram platforms. Get best practices and the most updated information from Webb, who has built an online lesson program with thousands of students using online advertising.

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Live-streaming Marketing Ideas for Music Retailers

(In-person: 2pm-2:30pm at The NAMM Show + Live-streamed: 10pm-10:30pm UK Time)

Livestreaming on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube can create an ever-growing, loyal audience for your music retail business—one that will continue to support your store over time. And in this session, Tim Paul of Piano Trends Music & Band Co. will moderate a discussion with top music retailers who’ve found success with livestreaming marketing. They’ll share new ideas and tips that have worked for them and leave you with takeaways that you can put into motion the day you get back to your business. Plus, Tim Paul will weigh in on his “Lifting Spirits Through Music” livestream, which has become popular in his community and also a source of new customers. Find out how to make the most of this fun and effective way to connect with your audience—and why it’s easier than you might think.

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Making Clients for Life 

(In-person: 3pm-4pm at The NAMM Show + Live-streamed: 11pm-12am UK Time)

Developing and maintaining stability in the music business is a challenge that we all face. How can we thrive consistently while the way music is created, discovered and monetized is ever-evolving? We can trade in the gig-to-gig mindset with a focus on developing lifelong clients. In this session, Sean Giovanni, producer and owner of The Record Shop, will unpack the principles he uses to foster client relationships that last. 

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Sunday 5th June 2022

Best in Show

(In-person: 8:30am-09:30am at The NAMM Show + Live-streamed: 4:30pm-5:30pm UK Time)

The last two years have yielded an abundance of innovations, seen on display during The NAMM Show. On Sunday morning, you’ll discover new products, services and technologies you can’t miss before leaving Anaheim. Join us for “Best in Show,” the fast-moving roundup of sure-fire best-sellers for 2022 and beyond. Frank Alkyer, publisher of Music Inc. and UpBeat Daily magazines, will host a panel of retail gear experts who’ve shopped the far corners of the exhibit floor to bring back their favorite new gear. Exhibitors, take note: You’ll want to be at “Best in Show,” too. In fact, you might just be a winner.

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The Top 10 Money Blunders Made by Musicians and Bands

(In-person: 2;30pm-3pm at The NAMM Show + Live-streamed: 10:30pm-11pm UK Time)

There are two sides to the profession of making music: the artist side and the business side. While most musicians possess the creative flair to make a living in the art form of making music, most lack the business acumen to properly handle the money side—and resort to hiring others to do it. Unfortunately, even the most successful musicians and bands have fallen prey to bad financial and tax advice or, worse, been ripped-off by an unscrupulous handler. Given that most artists now realize they must possess a working knowledge of their financial and tax affairs, this session will help expose the 10 biggest blunders made in that endeavor. Join music industry accountants, consultants and musicians Alan Friedman, CPA, and Evan Kalish of Friedman, Kannenberg & Co. to find out how to protect yourself against these common money blunders—and enjoy a viable living in the profession of music making.

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